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Minnesota Women in Psychology
Networking and support for all women in the mental health professions

Our Mission

Minnesota Women in Psychology is committed to furthering the psychological, social, and emotional well being of women in the mental health profession. It will do this by promoting the professional development of women in psychological professions, informing members about ideas and issues that affect women, developing network and support group systems, and taking action in the best interest of Minnesota women.

Our Purpose

Develop network and support group systems.
Share knowledge, research, skill, and employment information.
Provide informational and skill-building programs.
Encourage women in psychological professions to participate in professional organizations, committees, presentations, leadership positions.
Be informed on issues of concern to and concerning women, including legislative issues.
Share professional expertise with women in other professions.
Encourage and promote mentor services among women in psychological professions, including graduate and undergraduate students.
Share with other psychological professions our awareness of special principles and competencies in counseling women.
Promote informed use of psychological services among women consumers.

2017–2018 Executive Committee

Lauren Robbins, M.S., LPCC, LADC - Co-Chair
Felixia Valerius M.A., LPCC  -Co- Chair
Hanin Harb, M.S. Ed., LPC, NCC - Past Chair
Karin Carver-Regan, M.A., LMFT - Treasurer
Farren Swanson, M.A., LMFT - Vice Chair/Newsletter Editor
Janelle Carle, M. A., LMFT
Denise Dworakoski, M.A., LPCC
Julie Gunderson, M.A.
Analisa Jayasekera, M.A., LAMFT
Beth Johnson LMFT
Elizabeth Quinby, M.A.
Deb Rich, Ph.D., LP, CPLC
Stacey Stillmunkes, M.A., LMFT
Lisa Wald, MSW, LICSW
Jari Welle, M.A., LMFT

Opportunities for Leadership are available. Contact us at [email protected]