Mentorship Program

Each year, Minnesota Women in Psychology offers the opportunity for mentorship.   We offer a Mentoring Meet and Greet event to help potential mentees be matched with a mentor that fits her interests and can speak to her desired growth areas.  This event has been an effective way to create beneficial mentoring relationships.


Mentorship is generally a one year commitment, but is flexible to be individualized based on mentor and mentee’s preferences. We encourage pairs to discuss this commitment based on their own terms, as well as any conflicts or issues related to termination or extension of the relationship.  The format of the mentorship is determined by each pair according to their needs. Most mentoring pairs meet around once per month and determine the location based on their individual needs.  We encourage pairs to be intentional and creative as their relationship evolves.

Looking to be a MENTOR?

Do you want to help someone find their way in an area you have already experienced?  Or just want to be there for a new therapist who is just starting out?   Be a friend, be an expert, be YOU!  MWP is currently seeking women who would like to connect with others in a mentor role. You and the mentee will decide how to communicate( email, phone, in person, text?), when, where, how often, etc.  This volunteer position is VERY flexible and personable to you.  If you find yourself interested in doing something like this for others, please send your information to Lisa Wald

OR, want to be mentored?

Feeling the need to get a little support?  Meet other therapists?  Just get a different perspective?   Contact Lisa Wald if you are wanting to be matched with a mentor along with specifically what you are looking for.